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#ONE2018 recap


After nine years, you’d think corporate “conferences” would be the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. It Works isn’t your normal company, however! Vision casting, worship, pep rallies, VIP spoils, jaw-dropping promotions and community make up our incredible company events!


Our ONE conference happens once a year, typically held in February in Tampa, FL. From all around the world, our team gathers for one weekend that they KNOW will ultimately change their life. I had high-hopes for this year.


Economically, 2017 was “interesting.” Our team went through a transition and our leadership came together like I’ve never experienced before. We rallied hard, dug our heels into the sand and got to work. We finished as a TOP 65 TEAM in the entire company!!!


Scott and I are humbled, honored and excited to represent our team as TOP 150 income earners with It Works!


This means so much more than a “number” – this represents every life we were able to change in 2017, every life changed over the last nine years and every life yet to change in 2018!


I believe the corporate stage will have more of our team on it next year. I believe we are a top 20 team. I believe our connection between our leadership and the field is stronger than I’ve ever known. I believe in who we are and who we are yet to be!


My team knows I am locking arms with them this year in a big big way. I’m looking forward to each moment of growth, each celebration and each connection we make!


Cheers team!!! I’ve got stars in my eyes and it’s for each one of YOU!!!

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