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– Conference 2020 –

Conference is coming and guess what? You are 4x more likely to promote by going!

Conference is like going to your favorite rock concert but you walk away with some of the best personal development you’ll ever receive, success TIPS from the top + the opportunity to rub shoulders with VIP leaders and our top social influencers!

We are NOT live-streaming this event so you’ll need to be there in person to catch the wave.

Make sure you are planning team get-togethers, luncheons and you are asking your leadership to attend! We’d love to do drop-ins and be with you and your team!

Get your ticket now for the in-person event!!

Conference | It Works!

You don’t want to miss this!!



This promotion is huge to me, it has shown me that it all really is possible, and that this is just the beginning. Because of ItWorks I am one step closer to becoming a full time SAHM, I’m able to pay for Christmas in complete cash and not have to stress over Christmas + bills!

One thing I’ve learned with this accomplishment is to have faith in yourself! It’s a mindset thing – you can’t think you’re going to fail in the business and then expect to flourish. A positive mindset leads to amazing things.

So so thankful for this opportunity and so glad I said YES when it was presented to me.



What this promotion means to me/because of It Works: I am still in shock I am continuing to promote! I started this just to bring in $200 a month so I could stay home with my son, and still make ends meet. Now I’m making more than I did when I was working part time while pregnant!! Because of this amazing opportunity, I’m on my way to making a full time income and still getting to be there for my kids. On top of that, we are finally taking my kids to Disneyland after over a decade!!

Tip: My biggest tip I can give you all, is be consistent! Treat this like it’s any other job. Even on the days I don’t feel like working, I would still go to work so I can get paid! Why would you treat this any different? Find your non-negotiables and do them EVERY day!



This promotion means so much to me! Because of It Works, I am one step closer to paying off my student loans! More importantly, it has allowed me to see how much I am capable of. I have gained so much more confidence in myself and my talents and it has helped me realize that you should never limit yourself. You’re made for more and are deserving of so much more! Do your self development and get real with yourself! Ask yourself the hard questions.. is what I’m doing today going to get me where I want to be ? Am I really showing up myself or am I really just placing blame on others? Do the work and take action because you’re the only one in control of what happens for yourself.



This promotion really means so much to myself and my family. I started as a Distributor for It Works back in August, 8 months pregnant with our 4th child. And I’ve been super focused on improving myself and growing my team in hopes one day I can 100% work from home. This promotion for me was just one step closer and every step gives me comfort that I can do this because I think everyone fears failure. This promotion for me really gave me a pay increase over last month as well, which was so needed this close to the holidays!

A strategy tip I can give is always stay consistent. I have moments where I’m not and I think if I was always consistent, I’d be even further along and I kick myself in the butt for it daily.

Also, doing the challenges that Katie gives us really pushes me and gets me motivated to do more!!

I’m really just fortunate for an amazing team! Loni Bovenzi is truly the greatest leader I could have ever hoped for and is extremely helpful every day! I’m also thankful for my team that kick major butt daily to bring in volume!!

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