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ASK AND REACH out to people who are watching you! Waiting for someone to message you just isn’t enough. My advice is use your stories to show how this business is changing your life and once a week swipe up and see who’s viewing them first! THOSE are the people reallllly watching and ask everyone if they could use an extra income. Let them know you admire them and think they’d be great at this!! Because that’s what I did to Kelsey is I just asked her. And turns out she’s was watching for months and NOW she’s able to stay at home with her kids because of that one question I asked. You aren’t bothering them, you could possibly be helping them and changing their life forever!


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Make the decision to GO ALL IN WITHOUT DOUBT!!!! Write down 10 things everyday that you see yourself doing as if you already reached the rank you are going for this month. I AM DIAMOND! I AM MAKING $5000 A MONTH! I AM A HOME OWNER! I AM A TOP ENROLLER! I AM PAYING FOR OUR VACATION THIS MONTH!! Etc….. If you can really believe it, you will really achieve it!!!


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Seriously consistency is key. Even in times where you are having a hard time putting as much time in as you want, do AT LEAST one thing to grow your biz every single day! Imagine…even if you only talked to one person a day, that’s 30 new potentials you have each month. 30 is better than zero. Before you go to bed each night, ask yourself “have I done at least ONE thing to grow my business?” If the answer is no, don’t go to sleep until you do.


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Brandi Manus Diamond
Kelsey Butler Diamond
Whitney Larrimore Diamond
Keri Little Diamond
Sara DiGiovanni Diamond
Loni Bovenzi Diamond
Kaitlyn Reynolds Double Diamond
Nicole Kennedy Double Diamond
Amy Hollon Emerald
Kimberly Gill Emerald
Robert Butler Emerald
Melissa Lysinger Emerald
Bryan Kennedy Emerald
Timothy Little Emerald
Jamie Gassner Emerald
Daniel Costello Emerald
Karol Cuartas Emerald
Tia Rutter Emerald
Ashley Ortega Executive
Luisana Herrera Executive
Brittni Hardison Executive
Anthony Katschke Executive
Faith Walton Executive
Kayla Rowles Executive
Ellen Cristina Santana De Oliveira Executive
Christina Martin Executive
Kristi Wade Executive
Hailey Conrad Executive
Dwayne Barkley Executive
Deserez Luttrell Executive
Jessica Hackney Executive
Janelle Maynard Executive
Brittany Cromwell Presidential Diamond
Chelsea Talbert Ruby
Sterling Schlapak Ruby
Traci Thompson Ruby
Morgan Meynardie Ruby
Matthew Fergusson Ruby
Melissa Price Ruby
Lydia Mysnyk Ruby
Danielle Norris Ruby
MacKenzie Sage Ruby
Megan Tyo Ruby
Haley Zimmer Ruby
Danelle Bartley Ruby
Kristen Burks Ruby
Victoria Wright Ruby
Yoanna Bermudez Ruby
Heather Burnett Ruby
crystal alden Ruby
Kristin Douglas Ruby
Crystal Petersen Ruby
Samantha Portillo-Najera Ruby
Mackayla Mena Ruby
Andrea Sonnier Ruby
Victoria Hoover Ruby
Skyla Saunders Ruby
Kim Cunningham Ruby
Elizabeth Shultz Ruby
Timothy Wagner Ruby
Mandie Gauntt Ruby
Kayla Astacio Ruby
Daniel Bovenzi Ruby
Zachary Grubb Ruby
Elizabeth Stipp Ruby
Yvonne Rodela Ruby
Amanda Keogh Ruby
Christina Coons Ruby
Tracie Skidmore Ruby
Michael Cimijotti Triple Diamond

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