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I’ve recently become obsessed with brand new product that helps reverse the hands of time.


Since I was pregnant with my second son Miles, I’ve been in desperate search of something to heal my dry skin. Y’all it was so gross. My heels were cracked and bleeding! Sexy right?! Since taking this product, my feet are so smooth, my heals are no longer cracked and I’m noticing softer skin all over. It’s been less than a week since I started drinking CollagenWorks. I can only imagine what this will do for you, too!


In case you didn’t know, collagen is a protein that literally acts like “glue” to your skin. Basically this is what keeps us youthful looking! Our body can’t actually synthesize enough collagen on it’s own and after the age of 20, we start producing about 10% less collagen each decade. In order to combat this, we can supplement with a collagen product and this is why we came up with CollagenWorks.



CollagenWorks is powder-based containing the five main types of this protein. You’ll simply mix the powder in with water and drink it daily. It takes like Tropical Fruit Punch! I like to mix mine with our lemon ketones for an added punch of citrus flavor!


Collagen is often mistaken for solely a skincare product, but there are actually 7 main benefits of taking a collagen supplement:

  • Improves skin & hair
  • Repaires joints
  • Helps Leaky Gut
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Strengthens Teeth & Nails
  • Helps Detox
  • Reduces Cellulite & Stretch Marks


You’re basically drinking your new skin care regimen while also greatly benefiting from what it’s doing from the inside out! You can order a full month’s supply for $80 as a product model. Click here to drop me an email to place your order today!

New Enrollments: Don’t miss this discount plus FREE shipping!!

As a new or existing loyal customer, order a month’s supply of CollagenWorks for $80 (2 packs of 15 servings! Do you want free shipping too!? Because any order over $49 this month will have FREE shipping attached!!!

Here’s what people are saying!

  • LOVING this product!! I swear by this! I have lived with migraines for so long & after starting collagen works I’ve waken up everyday & noticed a huge decrease in my migraines! It has cleared my skin up so much as well! I’ve never had acne before and suddenly it started at the age of 23! 😫 After being consistent with this product my skin has been soooo clear! My hair has been also growing sooo fast 😍😍 love how it’s easy and on the go! The taste is also amazing!!”
  • Within the first week of taking the collagen I was pain free!! I had been having issues with my middle back and had been taking ibuprofen at least once a day for the discomfort. To this date, I have not taken any ibuprofen! My joints have stopped aching. My skin looks amazing!! I can see tightening toning and firming in my neck and arms. I have been mixing the collagen in with my ketones and OH MY GOSH, it's so yummy and refreshing! This awesome tasting drink has changed my life!
  • “It tastes AMAZING!!! I cannot believe it’s sugar free! It tastes like a popsicle! It’s orange in color, and the powder dissolves quickly in water and doesn’t remain gritty.
    For me, the collagen has been a game changer! My acne has been on a roller coaster ride and this week Corey looked at me and told me how clear my skin looked 😭 yall don’t know how sweet those words sounded! My lashes are longer and I haven’t had body acne breakouts either. I also noticed that when I drink with meals I stay fuller longer.
    For my husband Corey, he used the collagen as a workout recovery drink after running - he usually takes 48-72 hours to recover from sore muscles and fatigue and within 4 hours he got his spring back in his step and was able to hit the pavement the very next day. I’ve NEVER seen him be able to do that - even when he was marathon training.”
  • It tastes like a Bahama Mama!! Or a v8 Splash! I meannnn it is SO GOOD!!! 🍹🌴
    I drank it early afternoon and will drink it every day. During testing I skipped a couple days here and there and still had amazing results!!
    It’s smooth, dissolves completely with just a spoon or shaken in a water bottle. Very similar to our ketones! In fact mixed with our ketones it is so good!!! 🍹
    I started noticing results within a couple days. Feeling them first and then within a week I noticed skin starting to change, then took a selfie after a couple weeks and stopped dead in my tracks because I looked YOUNGER!!! 🤯
    My aha moment is... I had no idea about collagen!!!!! But now I can’t wait for EVERYONE to try it!!!! You are going to LOOOOVE what this does for you!!!!!
    The fountain of youth!!!!!!
  • 1. AMAZING
    2. AMAZING
    3. Within the first week!!
    4. Post workout and before bed.💪
    5. 2 times a day like I get paid to drink it!! 🤑🤑
    6. You look and feel younger in 7 days your friends will start asking you because they are noticing something different after 14-30 days. 🙌
  • Oh my gosh I am absolutely obsessed! I ran out of the month supply you all gave us to test about a week ago I’m seriously having withdrawls.🤦🏼‍♀️Already told my husband we are ordering plenty and overnighting it! But to answer your questions…
    🍹 The taste reminds me of orange Jell-O but not sugary. It’s very refreshing.
    🍹 it’s a pretty orange color.
    🍹 I started noticing results about three days in. Even my husband noticed that my skin looked more glowing. And not just on my face, my skin is more glowing and tighter everywhere! I also have some lower back issues, my lower back pain was pretty much gone.
    🍹Sean would put the packet for me in about a 32 ounce bottle of water in the morning-poor guy had to go through that torture not get to have any-and then I would just start drinking in the morning. I at times also mixed it with Ketones, yum!!!
    🍹 I am going to drink this product everyday!
    🍹AHA, This is a beauty product that starts to make a difference on the inside, it’s a product that ANYBODY will benefit from! Don’t get me wrong I love our supplements and our skinny wraps, I take them consistently but some others are not very good at remembering to do that consistently. Like our keto coffee, people drink liquids every day. This one is an easy one for everybody to remember to use!
  • Pam I am more excited about this new product than any other release we have had!!!
    *** The taste is amazing and reminds me of a tropical Fanta orange drink (without the carbonation)
    *** it’s a fruity orange color.
    ***I mix it with 14 ounces of water and my favorite combination is combining it with our Berry Greens! so yummy! Another favorite is my Dreamsicle Shake (Vanilla Shake +Almond milk + Collagen)! It’s amaZing!
    *** Totally drinking this product everyday!
    ***I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what it’s doing for my skin!
    ***My AHA, This is a product that I didn’t know much about. A beauty product that starts to make a difference on the inside, and has so many benefits! It’s a product that ANYBODY will benefit from AND EVERYONE WANTS!
  • 1. Tastes like fruit punch to me! 🍍🍹😍 I mixed with 16 oz water or over ice. Feels like you’re “cheating” it’s so good!!
    2. Gorgeous, deep orange color! Add a slice of pineapple or a couple berries, pour over ice in a pretty glass and it looks like a tropical treat! 🌴🍹
    3. I could see a change in my skin within the first week + I realized I had no more morning aches and pains! 🙌🏼
    4. I drank it mid day but you can drink it anytime! 💃🏽🏋🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♀️ Shake it with water & drink. Super simple!
    5. I’ll continue drinking it once a day! And I can’t wait because my aches and pains have returned. This product is a LIFE CHANGER! ❤️
    6. Ah -ha’s...
    - #1 This product WILL change people from the inside out. We have to share it unselfishly. It’s way more than just a vanity product. 💡Personally, I can’t wait to get it to my Dad. He’s been suffering for months with excruciating back pain and I am hopeful this can help him experience some relief, based on my own. 🙏
    #2 - I get to feel & look younger than ever when I turn 56 in a couple months. That is something I’m looking forward to! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
  • 1. Tastes like orange jello! 👅 lol
    2. It’s a deep orange 🍊 no grit just make sure you shake well or use your frother but even the clumps taste good lol
    3. I noticed results within two days.
    4. I like mine in the morning after my coffee or after my morning workout.
    5. I’m going to drink it DAILY it’s a must. Maybe even twice a day sometimes. It’s so refreshing too.
    6. This is a total game changer. My biggest AHA is that so many people could/will benefit from this 😭😭😭😭 I was amazed at so many people from my culture that don’t know about it and are just suffering from so much pain. Like why hasn’t someone suggested this. The benefits from pain relief alone are enough to shout this from the roof tops. So grateful I got to experience it because it’s changed my life.
    From my hands hurting with I bend my fingers to my knees hurting and going out at 30 going up and down stairs 😭😭😭. It’s changed my quality of life. Not to mention my skin and sleep.
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