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Okay, so I’ve enrolled 20 DT’s in 30 days; and average 35+ LC’s monthly. I do it by IG and FB Polls, HAP and lives!!!! I’ve found when I divide my efforts in these 3 areas I divide my paycheck! So I always stay consistent! These are non-negotiables for me!
Plus mindset! What I focus on is what I get! Negative thoughts breed negative behaviors and there is no room for negativity here!🙌🏼


Enrolled: 12

SHOW UP daily for yourself and carve out time to sit down and really journal out what you want. Don’t sugar coat or group everything together.. dig deep and truly write out what you’re wanting, things that are happening in your business that you’re grateful for and then journal through those fears you may have to break through any resistance you’re feeling! This has changed my entire business! Also- ENGAGING! Get more people following/paying attention to you! This will help you grow your business in a massive way! Having a never ending stream of my life has helped me grow my business so much by allowing people in to follow my journey and relate to me! I’m using the polls/Q&A box/and “swipe up” feature on IG stories and my engagement is huge right now!


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My number one tip of how my business has been booming the past couple of months is becoming a product of the product. Not only posting about you using the products, but actually buckle down and USE them. Be consistent, reach your goals and share them publicly. Corporate approved before and afters are a MUST. Post them everywhere. New enrollments will start rolling in left and right. As far as getting DT, just share your everyday life. 10-15 Story slides on Facebook and Instagram are a non negotiable! Share about your day, post videos of you talking about something funny that happened to you, or your kids, mom fail, highlight of your day, your pets etc. be transparent with your life as much as you feel comfortable, and share it with your followers on your stories. When people start to watch your stories, they see that they are just like you, a busy woman/mom etc and that they can run a business from home to earn the extra money they need, just like you!! Share your results, share your story, be relatable and consistent every single day and your potential LC and DT will come to you in the masses!!


Enrolled: 8

My tip would be to always be consistent. Never let a day go by without posting whether it be your life or the biz and SHARE your story! Sharing my story has always brought in distributors that truly need this business. Being consistent shows your followers that you are serious in what you are doing and that’s huge!

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