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I would like to give some love to Kimberly Leighty for her getting out there this month and being so coachable. We are all just getting warmed up and I’m very proud of you for getting your 4 LC’s in your 1st 30 days and going LIVE today about Keto coffee! You rock girl!

My tip would be don’t judge or assume, talk to everyone. You never know who will say YES. I accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person and they ended up signing up as a Customer.

april newsletter

I am so excited to put #inthespotlight Shantale Sipes

Shantale is a hardworking single mama of 3 beautiful kids and she is not letting life’s challenges slow her down or stop her, This month of July not only has she survived personal heartbreak, she has fostered 3 puppies, lived through the scary earthquakes that hit her town of Ridgecrest and this girl has now charted her way to Ruby in her second month….She inspires me and her amazing team daily and I can’t wait to celebrate all of the promotions coming her way.

I’m so happy and grateful to be back where I belong….my best tip is to not be afraid to start over …its not about where you are today….. its about where you are going . Cast a clear vision of where you are going and back it up with daily action and it will happen.

april newsletter

april newsletter

I am so excited to spotlight Ashley Clark! She is killing it in her business, stepping up in so many ways and constantly working on her self development! I can’t wait to watch her go PREZ 😍

Tip – STOP focusing on who isn’t working and spend your time focusing on who is! Do a mindset check and make a new goal for how big you willl grow your team each month! You should have a number in your mind at the beginning of each month with how many people you will sign.. journal about it and manifest the hell out of it! You’ll be surprised at how much you’re capable of when you just DO the things and stop worrying about the nonsense!

april newsletter

I would like to spot light Kele Lewin! She personally enrolled over 1,000 volume HERSELF! In her first month as a new distributor! She’s a stay at home mama of two little girls with a heart of GOLD who just wants more out of life for her family & wants to give her babies the world! She also wants to use this business to help give back to those who are struggling as well!

I was successful last month because I really started to pay attention to who was watching me on my stories, and my posts and started offering them this opportunity! And even if they told me no I still remained in contact with them commenting on their posts, messaging them outside of the opportunity until they got to know me and my heart and signed on the spot the second time!

april newsletter

See who promoted in June

Alchemey Spooner Diamond
Christopher Spooner Emerald
Katlyn Bevington Executive
Jo Ann Garrell Ruby
Christina Danaher Ruby
Jaque Garton Ruby
Kenny Mccallum Ruby
Brandi Franklin Ruby
Heather Lutz Ruby
Destiny Cox Ruby
Mariah Goldsmith Ruby
Diana Kleist Ruby
april newsletter
april newsletter
april newsletter
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