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This is every cook’s dream item! My husband and I got one as a wedding gift and it’s our favorite item for roasting and slow cooking.


I have tan and black in these and literally wear them every single day…but I live in Florida so I can, right? They last years and look good dressed up or down! So yes, they are worth the price!


My mom gave me one of these necklaces as a recognition gift this year. I have Ivory Mother of Pearl one and it literally goes with everything! I feel like this isn’t one of those necklaces you would necessarily buy yourself and it’s so special to receive!


These skin care items are a fan favorite! Tighten, tone & firm the skin while also reducing wrinkles, plumping the lips & eyes after a refreshing exfoliating peel. Sometimes it’s just as nice to have a spa night at home! A mom of all ages would love this!


My brother got me one for Christmas and I was really thinking, “Is this really like what they say it is? Will my hair really feel better after using this? Will it dry faster!?” Y’all, it does everything is says it’s going to do and more! I’m obsessed with how fast my hair dries and how soft it is!


What more is there to say? Who isn’t obsessed with Chip & Jo! Their story is inspiring and they are as real as it gets! Take the guesswork out and gift theses two items because regardless, these will make fabulous coffee table books!


Who doesn’t love flowers? It may be my opinion, but every single mama deserves flowers on Mother’s Day, and what better way to present them than in a gorgeous farmhouse-style flower box!


Let me introduce you to Melissa Obadash! I’m obsessed with these summer kaftan’s. They are such a great gift item for summer approaching and especially because they are one size, and what mom doesn’t want a number of compliments while lounging by the pool or beach this summer? You might even want to add one in the cart for you, too!


I was given a pair of Sudara pajama bottoms as a postpartum gift and am blown away by the comfortability. This is now my go-to gift for any occasion! They tend to run a size big, so order down. I’m typically a medium and feel the best in a small.


I love custom pieces that make a mark on our hearts, and that’s exactly why I collaborated with Brittany at ProjectPicturesque25 for this custom piece for Miles’ nursery! It’s important to my husband and I that we teach our kids they can do, be and have anything and everything they ever dreamed of if they are willing to create the life of their dreams!
For custom ideas and inspirations, visit Brittany’s Instagram page and Etsy shop!
Instagram: ProjectPicturesque25

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