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Cameron Robertson is who I want to spotlight this month! She joined me the end of September and took off running. 2 weeks in and she’s boxed for Ruby, showing up to every training possible and leading from the front everyday no matter what life throws at her! Cameron inspires me daily to be the best version of me and not care what the world thinks! I’m so proud of you Cameron and this is only the beginning!

My tip for the month is keep going! When you feel like you’ve done all you can do for the day message one more person! Everyone needs this business and it’s our job to show them there’s another way. Stop focusing so much on the number you message and focus on the outcome! This is what’s truly taken my business to double and now working towards triple. You’re amazing and I believe in you!

april newsletter

I want to spotlight Trisha Tyo!!! She’s been a DT less than 45 days and she’s already charted executive, has enrolled over 10 customers and will achieve ruby rank this month! Trisha and I knew each other in college! She’s a nurse practitioner and a go-getter! She was watching me via social media and was so interested in what I did. Apprehensive and nervous she jumped in!!! With just building her dream home, money was tighter, and instead of picking up crazy amounts of shifts, she instead took to residual income! She has dove in, never looked back and trusts the process. She’s always inspired me and watching her develop into such an amazing businesswoman has been so rewarding! She’s going for diamond by year end and anytime she puts a goal out there, Trisha accomplishes it! So proud of her and can’t wait to watch her journey!

My tip! Get social!!! I got really active in stories and polls and dove into attraction marketing! I sold ME!!!!! But first I had to love time and trust the process! Every single day I showed up in my newsfeed with something to say! A profound message that someone somewhere could relate too! I followed up and followed up! I knew consistency was key! I kept pushing and stretching myself to be more open and vulnerable so people could relate to me on more levels! Well it worked! You may think you’re telling your story, but dig deeper, go harder and be bolder! Put out what you want back and yours it shall be!!!

april newsletter

The person who inspires me daily is Karen Mcclafferty! She started this business as a retired nurse and mentioned the social media aspect would be a learning curve. Karen is so consistent with every part of this job and proves that if you’re willing to learn and show up you will succeed! She consistently brings in new customers and she’s bringing in new distributors! She’s a rockstar and will continue to do amazing things with our company.

My tip is to stay consistent with messaging and posting. We are forever planting seeds and showing people what the products are doing! This will bring the people you talked to through host a post back to order the products if they didn’t sign up on the spot!

april newsletter

My biggest tip is consistency! Show up everyday using the products to influence others to do the same with you! I have gotten so much business just from being consistent with celery on my story! It truly is incredible to have so many people reaching out and all I’m doing is sharing me making it daily!

I’d love to spotlight De’Ja Williams because she is on FIRE! She got 10 LC in her first 10 days of business, is running after ruby and never misses a power hour! I’m so proud of her hard work and determination!

april newsletter

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april newsletter
april newsletter
april newsletter
april newsletter
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