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Look, I get it. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to have big dreams, big goals and want to live a life of freedom and adventure. I know what it’s like to hold on to that desire, forget about what people think and work on the goal beyond it’s capability. I truly believe we forget how great we can feel and how wonderful life can be. I think we forget that we are capable of having it all. Instead of focusing on your fears, let’s focus on what you do want. Let’s partner together and take your life from where it is now, to where you want to it to be. Your dreams matter to me and I’m excited to see where we take this together!


  • A great leader doesn't simply tell you what to do, they show you and lead by example. Kaye has a remarkable ability to make you feel like her partner on a journey that you embark on. Support, guidance, education, and hard work are all examples of how Kaye helps lead and mentor her extended family.

    Lauren T
  • I've been on Kaye's team and under her leadership for one year now and I am still SO glad I signed up with her out of the thousands of distributors I could've joined. She's kind, patient, and always an amazing leader whose focused on her teams success. Kaye always goes above and beyond to help us and answer our questions. It doesn't matter how new you are or how far down in the team you joined, Kaye takes the time to help everybody succeed and grow. Her personality is always friendly & kind, but she also leads from the front with strength and class. She has become not only a mentor of mine, but now a friend too. I'm grateful to be on her team and so is my personal team!

    Laura C
  • I have been with It Works! Global for 5 years now.  I didn't have any support until I met Kaye!  She has been supporting me for the last 4 years and has taught me how to lead from watching her example.  She always keeps things simple and never forgets about the FUN! I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have Kaye by my side.  She truly is one of the BEST!

  • What I love about Kaye as a leader is, she really leads from the front! She doesn't sit back and just tell her team how to work our business, she is right by our sides running with us! And that really means a lot! You can feel her passion for helping our team, and seeing others succeed!

    Over the last 5 years, I have watched her grow and accomplish so many things in It Works! and she continues to inspire me!

    Thank you Kaye for everything you do for us, and for being an incredible leader!!

    Rinda E
  • I’m a VIP Leader with It Works Global and have been in the business for 5 years. A big part of my success is due to the leadership of one woman, Kaye Sowder. Kaye has encouraged, coached and mentor me on my journey with It Works. She as always walked with me, not in front of me. Kept it fun and simple. Honestly, the best part of the past five years is not just the success, it’s the friendship we have created together. The bonds created in this business are incredible. We are family!

    Laura B
  • Kaye is fun, energetic, intuitive, & naturally successful with a dynamic personality that creates an environment for everyone to feel like they can win.

    Lauren L
  • As someone who joined as a full time college student, Kaye was and has been one of my biggest inspirations since she began in college as well. Not only has she connected me with the right coaching and training, but also she made herself available to me at my most difficult times of my life. I don’t just credit my success to her amazing leadership and mind for business, but for the love and support she gave and continues to give everyday. She doesn’t just show you how to grow, she grows with you.

    Chase B
  • Kaye Sowder has been a great mentor/leader for me in the world of network marketing. I would have quit before I ever got started if it wasn't for her. She helped me push through my comfort zone by taking me by the hand and showing me the way. She not only leads by example but has a greater belief in me than I do myself, at times! She is always motivating and inspiring her team on Facebook with her online forum, by posting success stories, post tasks, encouragements from side line teammates, challenges, etc. She is very driven and motivated and her energy is contagious! I would not have gotten as far as I have without her help! Im grateful to have her guiding me in this business! 

    Lauren S
  • LOVING this product!! I swear by this! I have lived with migraines for so long & after starting collagen works I’ve waken up everyday & noticed a huge decrease in my migraines! It has cleared my skin up so much as well! I’ve never had acne before and suddenly it started at the age of 23! 😫 After being consistent with this product my skin has been soooo clear! My hair has been also growing sooo fast 😍😍 love how it’s easy and on the go! The taste is also amazing!!”
  • Within the first week of taking the collagen I was pain free!! I had been having issues with my middle back and had been taking ibuprofen at least once a day for the discomfort. To this date, I have not taken any ibuprofen! My joints have stopped aching. My skin looks amazing!! I can see tightening toning and firming in my neck and arms. I have been mixing the collagen in with my ketones and OH MY GOSH, it's so yummy and refreshing! This awesome tasting drink has changed my life!
  • “It tastes AMAZING!!! I cannot believe it’s sugar free! It tastes like a popsicle! It’s orange in color, and the powder dissolves quickly in water and doesn’t remain gritty.
    For me, the collagen has been a game changer! My acne has been on a roller coaster ride and this week Corey looked at me and told me how clear my skin looked 😭 yall don’t know how sweet those words sounded! My lashes are longer and I haven’t had body acne breakouts either. I also noticed that when I drink with meals I stay fuller longer.
    For my husband Corey, he used the collagen as a workout recovery drink after running - he usually takes 48-72 hours to recover from sore muscles and fatigue and within 4 hours he got his spring back in his step and was able to hit the pavement the very next day. I’ve NEVER seen him be able to do that - even when he was marathon training.”
  • It tastes like a Bahama Mama!! Or a v8 Splash! I meannnn it is SO GOOD!!! 🍹🌴
    I drank it early afternoon and will drink it every day. During testing I skipped a couple days here and there and still had amazing results!!
    It’s smooth, dissolves completely with just a spoon or shaken in a water bottle. Very similar to our ketones! In fact mixed with our ketones it is so good!!! 🍹
    I started noticing results within a couple days. Feeling them first and then within a week I noticed skin starting to change, then took a selfie after a couple weeks and stopped dead in my tracks because I looked YOUNGER!!! 🤯
    My aha moment is... I had no idea about collagen!!!!! But now I can’t wait for EVERYONE to try it!!!! You are going to LOOOOVE what this does for you!!!!!
    The fountain of youth!!!!!!
  • 1. AMAZING
    2. AMAZING
    3. Within the first week!!
    4. Post workout and before bed.💪
    5. 2 times a day like I get paid to drink it!! 🤑🤑
    6. You look and feel younger in 7 days your friends will start asking you because they are noticing something different after 14-30 days. 🙌
  • Oh my gosh I am absolutely obsessed! I ran out of the month supply you all gave us to test about a week ago I’m seriously having withdrawls.🤦🏼‍♀️Already told my husband we are ordering plenty and overnighting it! But to answer your questions…
    🍹 The taste reminds me of orange Jell-O but not sugary. It’s very refreshing.
    🍹 it’s a pretty orange color.
    🍹 I started noticing results about three days in. Even my husband noticed that my skin looked more glowing. And not just on my face, my skin is more glowing and tighter everywhere! I also have some lower back issues, my lower back pain was pretty much gone.
    🍹Sean would put the packet for me in about a 32 ounce bottle of water in the morning-poor guy had to go through that torture not get to have any-and then I would just start drinking in the morning. I at times also mixed it with Ketones, yum!!!
    🍹 I am going to drink this product everyday!
    🍹AHA, This is a beauty product that starts to make a difference on the inside, it’s a product that ANYBODY will benefit from! Don’t get me wrong I love our supplements and our skinny wraps, I take them consistently but some others are not very good at remembering to do that consistently. Like our keto coffee, people drink liquids every day. This one is an easy one for everybody to remember to use!
  • Pam I am more excited about this new product than any other release we have had!!!
    *** The taste is amazing and reminds me of a tropical Fanta orange drink (without the carbonation)
    *** it’s a fruity orange color.
    ***I mix it with 14 ounces of water and my favorite combination is combining it with our Berry Greens! so yummy! Another favorite is my Dreamsicle Shake (Vanilla Shake +Almond milk + Collagen)! It’s amaZing!
    *** Totally drinking this product everyday!
    ***I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what it’s doing for my skin!
    ***My AHA, This is a product that I didn’t know much about. A beauty product that starts to make a difference on the inside, and has so many benefits! It’s a product that ANYBODY will benefit from AND EVERYONE WANTS!
  • 1. Tastes like fruit punch to me! 🍍🍹😍 I mixed with 16 oz water or over ice. Feels like you’re “cheating” it’s so good!!
    2. Gorgeous, deep orange color! Add a slice of pineapple or a couple berries, pour over ice in a pretty glass and it looks like a tropical treat! 🌴🍹
    3. I could see a change in my skin within the first week + I realized I had no more morning aches and pains! 🙌🏼
    4. I drank it mid day but you can drink it anytime! 💃🏽🏋🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♀️ Shake it with water & drink. Super simple!
    5. I’ll continue drinking it once a day! And I can’t wait because my aches and pains have returned. This product is a LIFE CHANGER! ❤️
    6. Ah -ha’s...
    - #1 This product WILL change people from the inside out. We have to share it unselfishly. It’s way more than just a vanity product. 💡Personally, I can’t wait to get it to my Dad. He’s been suffering for months with excruciating back pain and I am hopeful this can help him experience some relief, based on my own. 🙏
    #2 - I get to feel & look younger than ever when I turn 56 in a couple months. That is something I’m looking forward to! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
  • 1. Tastes like orange jello! 👅 lol
    2. It’s a deep orange 🍊 no grit just make sure you shake well or use your frother but even the clumps taste good lol
    3. I noticed results within two days.
    4. I like mine in the morning after my coffee or after my morning workout.
    5. I’m going to drink it DAILY it’s a must. Maybe even twice a day sometimes. It’s so refreshing too.
    6. This is a total game changer. My biggest AHA is that so many people could/will benefit from this 😭😭😭😭 I was amazed at so many people from my culture that don’t know about it and are just suffering from so much pain. Like why hasn’t someone suggested this. The benefits from pain relief alone are enough to shout this from the roof tops. So grateful I got to experience it because it’s changed my life.
    From my hands hurting with I bend my fingers to my knees hurting and going out at 30 going up and down stairs 😭😭😭. It’s changed my quality of life. Not to mention my skin and sleep.
  • This Leadership retreat was incredible!! It not only opened my heart and mind to help me realize that there is more for me, but that I am capable of reaching the next level. Many bonds were formed and others just grew stronger! I am grateful I was able to experience some amazing breakthroughs as I continue to use what I learned to grow into the best version of myself and help others along the way!

  • This leadership retreat was something I will never forget. It was fun and impactful! It was incredible to be around women who wanted the same thing in life -which is MORE! We knocked down walls I didn’t even realize I had. My biggest take away from this was to be yourself. We always seem to give the highlight reel on social media and are always scared of offending others, when truth is you can’t live a perfect life, you can’t have everything together and that’s OKAY! Without this retreat I would still be stuck behind walls of why I’m not good enough or not knowing my strengths, but I found them there! I found what I’m made for, I found what I’m meant to do and that is to ultimately help others be able to live stress free!  

  • Being a leader can be pretty scary, because you have the responsibility of leading your team to become the best they can be. By attending our Faith Over Fear Leadership retreat, I did not have any expectations, because I did not personally know our speaker/coach, I just have seen some great results from another leader working with her.  But I’m pretty skeptical about coaches overall, because in today's world it feels like every 5th person is a business coach etc. But to tell you the truth, from the first few words of Aida’s presentation, her presence, and her energy won me over.  The exercises were so deep and emotional, digging deeper in the soul to discover the real meaning of being a leader. Working on mindset, the words we speak, how we talk, it blew me away, and I felt like a new person truly. And seeing fellow leaders change in front of your eyes, was truly magical. 


    After this amazing experience, what I took with me is that my voice is mine and I should use it. It’s OK for others not to get you, because they are not on your level yet or maybe never. Knowing that I am powerful and I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Manifesting what you want is very powerful, and we should not fear the things we are not comfortable with yet. 

  • My life will be forever be changed after our Faith Over Fear Leadership Retreat. I had so many breakthroughs, especially during the Money Mindset session. I never realized how my thoughts towards my relationship with money were so negative. Aida helped me see how powerful our thoughts are about every aspect in life. Now I am able to recognize those thoughts and manifest what I desire for myself, my family, my friends and my business. Thank you so much! I am forever grateful! 

    Heather J
    Heather J
  • Perfection... it was intimate and yet grand at the same time. When you gather with other leaders and have the privilege to share aha’s and break throughs it creates growth for everyone. The weekend was powerful and I’m so incredibly grateful to be part of this team. 

  • Leadership Retreat is a non-negotiable for me in my business! Every year gets better and better! 

    It’s such a powerful few days to process, let go of what doesn’t serve you and fill yourself up with so much information and motivation! 

    I come home feeling renewed and inspired! I’m so grateful for these retreats! Thank you Kaye! 

    Heather A
    Heather A
  • Leadership retreat 2018 was AMAZING!!! I’m so so thankful I was able to go. I had a bazillion light bulb moments and truly enjoyed the entire event. One of the best things we did was take ACTION. The workshops made us actually put into play what we had just learned and that’s powerful! One of the biggest takeaways for me was this; 

    If you’re feeling like, “I can’t see the (goal) paycheck with my business right now” then you’re stuck in the NOW. We don’t know HOW, we just have to focus on the goal and the how will work itself out. 

    Thank you Kaye for putting the event together! Everything from the Keto food to the personalized tanks was incredible! Can’t wait to see what you do next year!! 

  • The Faith Over Fear leadership retreat was life changing. It really expanded my money mindset.  For example, I never kept cash in my wallet. When someone would ask..I would say I never have cash. I don’t want to come from a place of lack or scarcity. I want to create abundance for myself. So you better bet I have cash in my wallet at all times now!  I really can have it all! Your self talk has a huge impact on what you are creating.  What you are saying to yourself is what you will manifest, good or bad!  I can create my dream clients, my dream team, and my dream life. There is so much more..this just is a fraction of what I took home with me to help me in life and in my business.  I would love to thank Kaye for putting together such a phenomenal retreat for us to grow and stretch ourselves!  I am so excited to see my business soar!  

  • The leadership retreat changed my life so much in just a few days! I realized a lot has been holding me back from reaching the next level and I have to show up as me everyday. A ton of break throughs happened which makes me super excited to see what keeps unfolding in my life. 

  • Absolutely forever changed my life!!

    I encountered so many breakthroughs during that weekend!! The money mindset discussion led me to begin using a long flat gold wallet (which obviously I fell in love with) that lays my money flat!! I am able to see it, respect it and feel endless gratefulness for receiving it daily!!! As soon as I returned from the trip I knew I needed to clean house: both literally (in my closet) and emotionally!!! I’ve been in this business for over five and a half years and most of my wardrobe consists of work out gear; I was not paying the respect it deserves. I began to organize my closet and gave it love and respect! It definitely set the tone in my appearance and I then decided to get rid of everything I didn’t love in order to welcome all the things I do love and also make room for them. Every Monday I write down my goals for the week.  I speak into existence what I want in my business, how much keto cash I want to create for the week, and all the calls come in.  I am also asking away and assuming the sale. During the Faith Over Fear retreat, I realized I was not being my truest self and came to the clear realization that I was living a secret life by not disclosing to my friends on social media that I had gone back to work two years ago. So as soon as I returned, I did exactly that, I went live and shared with the world my truest self!!!

    The truth is I feel free and I know nothing is holding me back anymore!!

    Thank you Kaye and thank you Aida for allowing this transformation in my life to take place!!

    Forever grateful  

    Edyth Flores Barahona
    Edyth Flores Barahona
  • I came away with so much more than expected from the Faith over Fear retreat. I originally thought I would just be part of a 2-3 hour presentation that I created and answer some questions. The experience was the total opposite. It was 2 days filled with stories of struggle, inspiration and courage. Every person in the room had a different story but had one thing in common. They all wanted to succeed……together! Experiencing this camaraderie inspired me to improve my presentation just a little bit so everyone could get the most out of it. Instead of “teaching” I made it a guided conversation with slides so we could really connect on what they wanted to learn. This simple change turned a good presentation into a great presentation that kept everyone, including those skeptical of social media, engaged.

    I arrived that Friday afternoon as just someone that had a scheduled presentation but left Tuesday inspired and connected to so many amazing souls. To this day, I see posts pop up from some of the people that attended the retreat and the reward I feel from seeing them implement what they learned is priceless. 

  • The Faith over Fear retreat was such a beautiful experience, as a Clarity Coach and Business Mentor I have the honor and privilege of accompanying women along their Entrepreneurial Journey. As a close confidant, I am pulled into the social fabric of my client’s lives, as their personal life and business story weave in and out of each other on a daily basis. I become invested in my clients, and their results. It is just the nature of what I do.  The Retreat was originally created as a full day of Inspiration, but we dug deep, and then we dug deeper. I found myself so lit up by the men and women who showed up both spiritually and emotionally. 

    We cried. We slayed. We claimed. We owned. 

    As Entrepreneurs we live in the ebbs and flows of failure and success, and the retreat reminded me that I never want to to do anything other than this. I was born to Guide, Lead and Mentor. I am so grateful to have been in the presence of such inspirational people, from all walks of life, each with so much magic to share. I was there to fill their cup, but frankly I left with mine overflowing.  

    The Entrepreneurial journey is a fickle one, but when in doubt listen closely to your heart for guidance, she will never steer you wrong.  


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There’s nothing like waking up without an alarm clock, writing your own schedule and being your own boss! Freedom means time well spent with family and best friends. Freedom means options and paying off debt! 


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