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Hi, I’m Kaye!

I’m an 11 year, 7-figure online entrepreneur. I teach women like you how to up level your lifestyle and make money while hanging out on social media. After years of working in the fashion industry, I realized that I was also passionate about my health and wanted to monetize that and still have time freedom.

I joined a company that allowed me to continue to pursue my passions while also helping women just like you create the life of your dreams.

Meet some people who were in your shoes not too long ago…

These powerhouses are on my team and they are killing it.


Laura Balzer

It’s been 9 years since I said yes to this amazing opportunity…

I joined to make an extra $1000 a month. To put my name on something. Which I did in 7 weeks! Little did I know the income I continued to grow would be a lifeline for me and my family. The economic cash of 2009 took my family out!!! We lost everything!!!

We would have never made it through that time without this business in our lives!!! It truly was the love, support, and the immense leadership and friendship of one lady in particular… Kaye Dixon! She was beside me every step of the way!!! She coached me, mentored me, loved on me, and “giving up” was not in her vocabulary. Because of Kaye and the out pouring of this company… Our family went from Bankruptcy to Bounty and we could not be more blessed!!


Inguss Strikaitis

I joined this business as busy salon owner 9 years ago. I was not looking to add another business to my daily tasks, but I’m always keeping my options open for multiple streams of income. I could immediately see how my customers would love and benefit from these products. I joined with a simple goal to make extra $1000 on the side. In one month I reached my goal in retail sales alone and Kaye opened my eyes to what this could do for my business by adding residual income.

After 9 months I sold my salon business and went full time with this company. When I started I did not know anything about social selling or direct sales and thanks to Kaye’s leadership and guidance, I learned a lot and now run my own team. Thankful for her.


Taryn De Silva

5 years ago I was a single mom working full time as a social worker and part time as a waitress. I struggled to make ends meet and no matter how much I worked I was always running out of money. The worst part was leaving my son in the care of others 10-15 hours a day. My heart broke every day I had to leave him. I had such a desire to be home with him but didn’t think it was realistic.

This opportunity presented itself at a time when I was ready for a change – I saw the income potential I figured why not try? 3 1/2 years into the business I completely retired myself from both jobs. I have a stable, generous income (more than when I worked full time!) that allows me the freedom to be home and fully present with my kids.

Working with Kaye has been amazing! She was not my direct sponsor and yet she has taken me under her wing and provides me with training, coaching and encouragement to be my best self! She inspires me to push towards my goals and I am just so grateful for her and all she does!


Shannon Smith

A little over a year ago
 I was looking for something that could help me and my family make more money. My husband was in a little bit of a pickle at his own job and it was tough. We were living off gift cards to go have fun, and I wanted to be able to help with our income. That’s when I found this company and I am loving it! I get to be at home with my kids, and make money on my own schedule from my phone and computer.

Because this company has provided me the income my family needed, we’ve overcome the obstacles we were dealing with just a few months ago. I also have the opportunity to meet some amazing people! My sponsor, Kaye Dixon has helped me in so many ways that I never thought would be possible! Not only is she a friend, but a great mentor to help me strive to be the best I can possibly be! She has been calm & patient as I learn the business, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and helps me reach my goals.

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