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Say Yes!

9 years ago I could have only dreamed of hosting my leaders in Sarasota for the retreat of their lifetime! But this year things changed dramatically for me. I knew that in order to go to the next level in life and business I had to be bold and say YES to new opportunities. My team of leaders were craving more face-to-face connection and as they say it, a bold “kick in the ass.” When I asked them what they were looking for it ultimately boiled down to desiring a few key things: connection, renewed energy, strategy, fun and growth. These are all powerful points and it was my strongest desire to deliver for them and our team.

To start, I partnered up with another millionaire mama Sarah Rankin – a side-line leader who also lives here in Sarasota and Laura Balzer – my business partner, best friend and the Godmother to my son Kennedy! We put our big girl panties on and got to work, knowing without a shadow of a doubt we had to go all out for this group. For the past 6+ years Sarah, Laura and I have been working with a life and business coach Howard Falco. He’s helped us through some of our best and worst moments in life and business and we are extremely grateful for his knowledge and awareness.


Discovering Who We Are

In 2010, Howard released his first book called I AM, The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are. My mom dropped this book in my lap when I was struggling in my previous marriage and needed to make some BIG, BOLD decisions on how I was going to take control over the next chapter of my life. Little did I realize how much of an asset he would be to helping me unleash the brilliance that exists in all of us. Through Howard I realized how toxic my thoughts were, how judgmental of myself I was being and much of a tornado I was putting myself through being fearful of what others would think of me. I learned how much these thoughts were affecting the world around me in all areas – my relationships, my business and really any social setting I was in. Our work helped me wake up to my power, take control of my life and start designing life the way I wanted it to be. I knew this type of experience is what our leaders needed and were desiring, so Sarah and I got to work on a schedule to help this group of 61 incredible people discover more of who they TRULY are.


The Retreat

Over the course of 3 incredible days, our hearts and minds were filled with the most incredible knowledge of waking up to how we typically define our lives based on what’s missing not based on what we desire.

Day 1: We kicked off the evening with a floating happy hour followed by an ice cream bar under the lights. Pastor Bernard Scott led a powerful talk on leadership and influence as we got to defining more clearly what we do want out of the weekend to come.

Day 2: The morning began with a delicious spa breakfast in the ballroom with a talk led by my amazing mama, Pam Sowder. 17 years ago she discovered the skinny wrap that we sell and started It Works! Global with our CEO Mark Pentecost! The key focus of her talk was on building a legacy for your family, getting over the limiting beliefs in your head and being a finisher because you’re worth it!

Ultimately, these talks were building up to what was next: A POWERFUL discussion on mindfulness with Howard Falco. His quote, “If you knew how powerful you really are, you’d never stop smiling” radiates in my head and is a constant reminder of what a badass we really ALL are. At any moment we can begin to tap into that and take our lives to the next level. He talked to us about INTENTION and being VERY specific with our desires and not limiting or judging them. Our desires fuel us. Reach. Stretch. Believe that we can do, be and have THE BEST. Our team walked away from this talk ready to love, respect and embrace ourselves more with strong desires to implement his strategies in every aspect  of our lives.

Day 3: We kicked off the morning with a powerful talk on the beach. We each took a photo of ourselves and wrote on the back of it a letter of gratitude for who we are now and who we are becoming. Following this moment, our friend Staci led an exercise on financial alignment. This allowed us to get into a state of gratitude for the blessings around us and the ones that will be pouring in. I can honestly tell ALL of you, that since that day blessings are abundantly pouring it. IT WORKED!

Howard led a powerful afternoon session of breakouts in the suites. We had three breakouts: (1) relationships, specifically marital. (2) leadership. (3) overcoming hidden fears and breaking through.


The Takeaways

Of the entire weekend, I think these intimate breakout sessions were the cream on top! Here are some reactions of our team from what they took away:

“You are the author of your life… you can change anything at any time! Things happen for you, not to you because you have to learn things for yourself or you won’t believe it… just like in the wizard of oz.”

“Since the retreat I have grown so much!!!! I watched the wizard of oz, I read I Am, I did the worksheets, I’ve gone through my notes and the videos I took…. the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and now I’m aware and am noticing it! I’m amazed every day! My posts have changed, my confidence is up, I’m reacting to things differently, I’m not bothered by most things, and I’m getting messages and compliments every day!”

The more time I spend working on myself and my personal goals, the more my influence is projecting to others, and I’m getting more positive attention in my business from it.

“It’s the most incredible thing, not only to feel it, but to see it!”

“In the past I had felt stuck, like a has been who doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m aware that those thoughts were false and incredibly limiting to who I actually am and who I continue to become. Releasing that self limiting negative thought alone has freed so many other thoughts that came with it. It’s liberating and I am lighter! I CAN and I WILL because I AM!!” – Double Diamond Leader, Jenny Kay Bolton

“For some time I had been struggling with the false thoughts of not being worthy of success. I had FEARED being a leader. I had so many limiting thoughts in my head…What if I failed them?, If my team grows so big, how can I manage them all? Am I enough?”

I realized the self doubt I had, were all unsupported & not serving a purpose for ANYONE! – Summer Yarbrough

“Overall, I would repeat this exact weekend in a heartbeat. We laughed, connected, broke through hidden fears, took ownership of our lives and all walked away loving ourselves more!”

Thank you Howard, Bernard, Pam and our entire team for pouring into our incredible leaders. This weekend will go down in history! You are loved and appreciated!

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