Everyday Moments

Overall, I was blessed in 2017 with epic vacations, including our honeymoon in Maui, a trip to San Francisco and wine country with my hubby, Virginia for Christmas with family and so much more.

Every day I am reminded that being a work at home mama has the biggest perks! Not only do I get to spend time with my adorable son, but I get to enjoy my time with my husband, pour into my incredible team and plan out each day just the way I see it fit!


2018 is about family as we are expecting our second son in March. We have our biggest corporate event of the year in February in Tampa, FL and then I’m not traveling again until June or so! These next six months will be about pouring into my team remotely, staying full present with my family and being the best mommy I can be! I look forward to wild adventure of welcoming Miles Oliver to our family. I know Kennedy will be the best big brother!

Everyday Moments
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