March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I’d like to highlight Priscilla Barr!!! She has been working so hard and consistent the last few weeks and together her fiancé Tyler Lopez and her have promoted him to Diamond earning a $10,000 bonus and she is going Double Diamond earning a $15,000 bonus this month!!! Priscilla I am so proud of you and know promoting this month will be such a breeze for you and your team!!!

My tip today is to make an opportunity video! Making an opportunity video was when I hit a turning point in my business. I was an executive when I made my first video and sure it wasn’t perfect, but I was confident and I was excited and I just told my story. Talking to people that you’ve never met before on social media is amazing but sometimes it’s hard to gain their trust. When you have a video of you talking they get to experience your personality and hear the words from your mouth. They get to grasp who you are as a person and it just allows that trust to grow nothing but stronger!!! I never sign a distributor without them hearing my story and that’s how I always end my conversations! Keep it under 10 minutes and don’t try to make it perfect! If you’d like to see mine for ideas, here is the link.  Step out of your comfort zone!!!! And see big things happen!

Click here to view the video

March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

Taryn De Silva is a total rockstar! She’s leading her team to duplicate what she’s doing and they’re having so much success!

My tip is to have total faith! Anything is possible. When you’re putting our nervous energy, people can sense that. Just have faith that the right people are coming to you and keep asking

March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I am so happy and proud to honor my friend Angela Villamayor this month! She just had her 5 year anniversary last month and she is one of the most loyal lifers on my team! She is a Ruby and this month is going to double promote to Emerald and Diamond! Her team is growing and I know she can do it!! Last month was a BIG month for her and her team and I can’t wait to see her in that official leadership role!! Love you Angela!!

My tip this month is to be confident in “upselling” our products! Find out what goals your potential has. If she wants to lose 30lbs, we know that just wraps or just the cleanse won’t do that! You are providing amazing service when you offer multiple products ESPECIALLY if they are working for you! You should have no problem suggesting the TFX and wraps with the Mocha Dream if that is working for you! If you don’t know what is working, you need to be consistently running that autoship and USING the products everyday! Now go out there and change some lives!!

March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I would love to spotlight Maria Rodriguez! She actually joined this business with me last summer and at first really didn’t jump into this seeing herself going far. Recently within the last couple months she’s really stepped up and reached out to me sharing her husband wasn’t very supportive but seeing me promote she wanted to prove to him she can make money with this! And for the last 2 months she has always gotten on my zoom trainings/power hours, very eager to learn and I’m so excited to share she will be going diamond this month! She has started to become such a great leader and enrolling customers and team members and I can’t wait to see her earn this $10,000 bonus and prove her hubby wrong seeing that first 4 figure paycheck! To know this is only the beginning!

My BIGGEST tip would have to be of course be consistent and claim your goals but also to be as vulnerable, real and raw with your post! Don’t copy and paste but show your heart and soul through your post and your FB lives! When you are going through struggles don’t be afraid to share that, that’s how people relate to you. You don’t have to share 100% of the details but at least show part of the struggle and the journey through it!

March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

See who promoted in March

Katlyn Bevington Ambassador Diamond
Genie Hassan Diamond
Krista Watt Diamond
Justin Dixon Diamond
Amber Henry Diamond
Tyler Lopez Diamond
Kaleigh Croley Diamond
Jamie Gassner Diamond
Jennifer McClellan Diamond
Karol Cuartas Diamond
Savannah Cartrette Diamond
Haley Gaines Diamond
Tia Rutter Diamond
Shauna Abrego Double Diamond
Megan Royall Double Diamond
Kristi Guillory Double Diamond
Kristen Groves Double Diamond
Sara DiGiovanni Double Diamond
Loni Bovenzi Double Diamond
Mark Lopez Emerald
Kristin Salvatori Emerald
Nicole Ebert Emerald
Sasha Ortiz Emerald
Lorraine Schlapak Emerald
Heather Henry Emerald
Tashema Crawford Emerald
Morgan Meynardie Emerald
Nicole Champion Emerald
Theresa Corral Emerald
Crystal Petersen Emerald
Andrea Sonnier Emerald
Skyla Saunders Emerald
Elizabeth Shultz Emerald
Kayla Astacio Emerald
Daniel Bovenzi Emerald
Danielle Cousineau Emerald
Brooke Grubbs Emerald
Chelse Terry Emerald
David Rutter Emerald
Julie Montgomery Emerald
Selene Romero Executive
Evie Firm Executive
Theresa Chancellor Executive
Kayla Mitchell Executive
Seantia Villegas Executive
Valencia Medina Executive
Jessica Phillips Executive
Hayden Putnam Executive
Yvonne Ramos Executive
Sean Walton Executive
Kaitlyn Wesley Executive
Roger McElroy Executive
Sierra VanderVoort Executive
Jordan Schoettner Executive
Ashtin Deshong Executive
Suely Hayter Executive
Griselda Diaz Executive
Mckensie Gore Executive
Caitlin Carter Executive
Alana Fountain Executive
Robert Coons Executive
Seth Glass Executive
Celina Bencomo Ruby
Nichole Legaspi Ruby
Guadalupe Ramos Ruby
Girlie Guzon Ruby
Ashley Schwartz Ruby
Jerome Taylor Ruby
Lindsey Liggett Ruby
Nicklas Ebert Ruby
Kristina Vandyke Ruby
Ashlyn Loza Ruby
Danielle Bushong Ortuno Ruby
Elysa Watt Ruby
Ashley Ortega Ruby
Luisana Herrera Ruby
Cherokee Lewis Ruby
Michelle Cooper Ruby
Kristina Hurst Ruby
Toni Johnson Ruby
Jamie Nelson Ruby
Aleyse Swilling Ruby
Anthony Katschke Ruby
Victoria Olmo Ruby
David Jackson Ruby
Faith Walton Ruby
Anna D’incecco Ruby
Breanna Ball Ruby
Doris Cordova Ruby
Kathryn Hussey Ruby
Alesha Kennedy Ruby
Cindy Kennedy Ruby
Kimberly Chaney Ruby
Brandi Smith Ruby
Shauna Polillo-Bracamonte Ruby
Danielle Tackett Ruby
Christin Lovette Ruby
Miranda Watts Ruby
Tiffany Winburn Ruby
Morgan Cook Ruby
Keila J Oliveira Ruby
James Keller Ruby
Kaitlen Renner Ruby
Courtni Guilbeaux Ruby
Amber Idleman Ruby
Charles Croley Ruby
Kassandra mccarter Ruby
Christina Martin Ruby
Michelle Freeman Ruby
Jamie McCallum Ruby
Lauren Morrison Ruby
Morgan Cornett Ruby
Heidi Erhardt Ruby
Kristi Wade Ruby
Ryan Lloyd Ruby
Hailey Conrad Ruby
Melissa Sauer Ruby
Julianna Rogers Ruby
Tara Fuller Ruby
Cassie Breitenstein Ruby
karly Weatherstein Ruby
Ashley Alanis Ruby
Mattison Miles Ruby
Megan Spitz Ruby
Alexys Goodwin Ruby
Rachael Reed Ruby
Matthew Keogh Ruby
Jessica Hackney Ruby
Jeremy Sellers Ruby
Janelle Maynard Ruby
Ashley Clark Triple Diamond
Shaina Beals Triple Diamond
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
March 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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