April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

In the spotlight is Karrlea Hawthorne!!! This mom of 3 just went ruby in 42 days and is killing it! She’s constantly leading by example, enrolling like a maniac, and ALWAYS showing up! She has come so far in the first month already and just found out she more than doubled her first paycheck! This girl is a Diamond in the making and y’all better watch out!!!!


My tip of the month that brought me a lot of success is doing things when I think of them. So many times i think of all of the things I have to do when I’m in the middle of my everyday life I get overwhelmed and don’t do them. For instance- I’m cleaning dinner up and think of someone I had to follow up with. Instead of waiting until after, I’ve started doing it within the first 5 seconds!!! Keeping my phone always on hand and if I literally can’t, I will keep a “to do list and write it down right away instead then look at my list the night before. Don’t be stressed, just be organized and do everything when you can. Just prioritize!

April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

Heather Almeida needs to be put #InTheSpotlight! She is on fire! She has a full time private practice, working 50+ hours a week, but she’s still showing up!! She’s enrolling and leading her team!


My tip is MINDSET!!! We have to always grow and develop our minds! If you are feeling stuck, you are in a mindset that does not serve you. Find a way to shift your energy and get your mind right! Take action right away! Break the habit of self destructing thoughts. You ABSOLUTELY do deserve all great things!

April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I’m putting Nellene Arnett #InTheSpotlight- this single momma is a spitfire! She joined me 8 months ago, and has been a beast ever since! She was a top enroller for our team the last 3 months and promoted each and every time! She’s heading for diamond this month! She’s a single mom, who works full time and still manages to SLAY! She inspires me and our team and she’s truly living Gods purpose and stepping into her journey! So proud of her!


My tip- set clear expectations!! Show up to go up. I’ve learned that in order to excel and move beyond where I was the prior month, day, hour, I have to set clear expectations! When I set them and put them out there it gives me something to rise to! Your team needs a clear vision of where you’re going! There should be no question and from there you show up every single day, even on the days when you’re busy or don’t feel like it! Do this and your business will BOOM!

April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

See who promoted in March

Nicole Ebert Diamond
Marlene Hoyle Diamond
Heather Henry Diamond
Genie Hassan Double Diamond
Amber Henry Double Diamond
Deanna Delanty Emerald
Jerome Taylor Emerald
Kristina Vandyke Emerald
Chelsea Talbert Emerald
Ashley Ortega Emerald
Hannah Hoyle Boone Emerald
Kristina Hurst Emerald
Toni Johnson Emerald
Jaqueline Gonzalez Executive
Heather Bratter Executive
Blythe Beshears Executive
Diana Coronado Ruby
Kelly Chiarenza Ruby
Lorena Escobar Ruby
Horacio Garcia Ruby
Julie Kovarik Ruby
Evie Firm Ruby
Jonathan Stokes Ruby
Jamie Koch Ruby
Jessica Bronson Ruby
Stephanie Valentine Ruby
Kayla Mitchell Ruby
Seantia Villegas Ruby
Karrie Wyatt Ruby
Valencia Medina Ruby
Ashley Harmon Ruby
Nathan Boone Ruby
OLema Rice Ruby
Shanda Jeffries Ruby
Kimberly Ward Ruby
Sarine Semeniuk Ruby
Emily Haertel Ruby
Christine Garcia Diaz Ruby
Taryn De Silva Triple Diamond
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
April 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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