May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I am so excited for Alchemey Spooner! She jumped back in and has been full speed ever since! Ruby on her and her hubby’s account in less than 60 days and is about to go diamond this month!

Her no excuses attitude is so admirable! I am so proud of her and what she’s doing for her family!

My tip- do anything and everything required to achieve success! I am a regular mass enroller by choice. I used attraction marketing to attract my dream team! The best way to do this is to show them your lifestyle, what the business/products are doing for you, and what your next goal is!

May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

In the spotlight is Murisia Larson!!! This girl joined back in 2016 and has NEVER given up! A mom of 6 who struggled and fought to get to Ruby for so long JUST hit emerald and is now going Diamond THIS MONTH!!! She is driven, hard working, and has truly learned how to lead from the front lately with NO excuses. Murisia I am so proud of you and appreciate you so much!!! Now get to the retreat with us 👏🏻

My tip this month is talk to people in public! Lately I have been getting so much response in person with people! I am taking every opportunity to be intentional and mention the business, but first I ask the questions that lead to that opportunity for me to ask! For instance today at the farmers market the cashier was fanning herself it was so hot and she was 7 months pregnant. I said “my word I bet you just want to be at home.” I did this AFTER congratulating her on the baby and talking for like 29 seconds. She said “omg I wish” and that’s when I proceeded to say “omg that’s what I do is I work from home, let me text you and send you the info for you to read!!!” Take that first 30 seconds to compliment, ask a question, and just communicate with them! Then see what you can ask or talk about to get to a spot to mention what you do and THEN YOU GET THEIR INFO. I have taught myself that if I don’t get their info, I failed and they will never call. This took me 1 minute while checking out to do this and now I have her number and we are texting. There are 1,440 minutes in one day. Imagine the opportunity YOU HAVE while you’re awake!

May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

What I found that really helped me enroll dts last month was being extremely consistent about my story. I post about my story in some way, just about everyday. I showed different pieces of my story & then a couple times last month I opened up “VIP SPOTS” to get started with me to have one on one coaching with me! I stayed consistent between posting daily and being very visible in my Instagram stories.

Jamie McCallum is who I want to put #inthespotlight . I’m choosing her because I’ve watched massive growth within her over the last couple months. She takes the business really seriously and she is determined to succeed and hit her goals. She’s been taking self development seriously to grow herself and her mindset! She’s really stepped up between being a leader & also enrolling dts and lcs for steps to success and more, consistently over the last couple months! I’m so proud of the growth I’ve seen within her.

May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I really wanted to shout out Jennifer Saunders AND her super supportive husband Michael Saunders who are doing a phenomenal job for being in the business just over 30 days. They are both are eager to learn and are excellent at applying the basics. Because they are working together, Jennifer earned her $100 shopping spree! They also consistently show up to power hours, team meetings, and are active in our team page. They definitely deserve to be #InTheSpotlight!

A little tip: In May, I had a personal best for signing distributors, and the simplest explanation of why it happened is that I got very intentional about posting on my FB and IG feed and story for DTs and then I ASKED a lot of people and followed up with my PDTs as well. I was determined to get boxed for my next rank and made it happen.

May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

See who promoted in May

Brenna Michel Diamond
Yvonne Ramos Diamond
Shelley Attaway Diamond
Daniel Costello Diamond
Morgaen Crass Diamond
Tia Rutter Double Diamond
Nellene Arnett Emerald
Lauren Henderson Emerald
Murisia Larson Emerald
James Attaway Emerald
Timothy Wagner Emerald
Kirstyn barrick Emerald
Christina Coons Emerald
Angelica Valadez Executive
Kelly Bickerstaff Executive
Jan Lander Executive
Jennifer Lemos Executive
Lindsay Katschke Executive
Elpidia D’Incecco Executive
Gilbert Bracamonte Executive
Gisele Nonato dos Reis Executive
NaTasha Walker Executive
Kenny Mccallum Executive
Brittany Primm Executive
Selena Graciano Ruby
Elsa Hernandez Ruby
Heather Bratter Ruby
Natalie Rivera Ruby
Tawnee Brunson Ruby
JoAnna Bricker Ruby
Chantel Williams Ruby
Michael Ybarra Ruby
Kaitlyn Barnes Ruby
Daniel Corral Ruby
Donald Kennedy Ruby
Ashley Willey Ruby
Cicely Renee Cureton-Wright Ruby
Terri Lewis Ruby
Kaven Krier Ruby
Whitney Turner Ruby
Lauren Gatto Ruby
Samara De Oliveira Ruby
Gladson Anzolin Ruby
Dani-Rae Edwards Ruby
Sarah Wohlrab Ruby
Sloane seligsohn Ruby
Caitlin Sablich Ruby
Brittney Harris Ruby
Emily Nosko Ruby
Alchemey Spooner Ruby
Christopher Spooner Ruby
Leisha Daniel Ruby
Bethany Johnson Ruby
Brandon Foster Triple Diamond
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
May 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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