July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I want to spotlight Jaque Garten! This girl reminded me so much of myself, a true go-getter! She’s made huge strides in her leadership over the past couple of months, and her dedication to this makes it so enjoyable to work with! I look forward to her future and I know she’s ending this year with a BANG and I just feel lucky to be here to witness her growing success. My advice: be consistent, your efforts are paying off and will only pay off more and more! I’m so proud of you Jaque and I am so thankful God lined you up to be here with me!

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

My tip of the month is to work hard.. keep your head down and focus on your goals! Don’t look anywhere but straight ahead! I made a very clear goal and I know exactly what I need to do to make that happen!

Share your story, let people in your life, and why you’re so thankful for IW! Be consistent and watch your team GROW

Spotlight: Stacy Oakley has been SLAYING! I am so proud of her no excuses attitude! constantly stepping up and just doing the damn thing! Stacy has been a consistent top enrollee and is paving the way for her family! So stinking proud of her!

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I’d love to shout out this girl right here! Nicole Kennedy! This girl is one of my original first four customers that I needed for my $100 in free product credit three years ago. We met on social media and I just had no idea that she would become such a rockstar and be on my team one day. So here’s one of my first tips – ask your loyal customers to become distributors!

She is constantly leading from the front daily, hosting zooms, power hours, and never missing a day of being consistent. She inspires me to be a better leader constantly and I am so thankful for that!

My tip is to be yourself. Sometimes we spend so much time comparing ourselves to be like the other person who is more successful than us but instead we should look up to them for inspiration and for ideas. We need to remember that we’re not following them to be them. Be yourself and be the best version of you that you can be and just have fun with it. That will make this business 30 times less stressful and so much more fun!

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I want to spotlight Cherise Moore! Cherise joined our team 2 months ago. She has come into her business with so much fire and passion! Her excitement makes work so much fun! She has worked hard since day one, between being a mother of 2, a wife, and working a full time 9-5. This girl has big goals for herself. She is already pushing to promote emerald this month and earn the $3,000 guarantee and nothing is going to stop her!

My tip would be to always show YOU. People aren’t buying into your business or your products if they aren’t buying into or connecting with YOU! Show them who you are! Instagram and Facebook stories are soooo good for this. Blog about your day every day on your instagram stories. 80% of the content should be you, your family, things you like, what you cook, etc. the other 20% should be a mix of talking about the business or showing yourself using products and talking about them! Have fun with your business and the content your putting out and your energy will bring the right people 💓

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

Really focused on the individual. Stopped using my scripted material and listened! They need to know they can be successful no matter where they are  in their lives. We need to be who they need at that moment. They need to know this opportunity is the vehicle that will take them wherever they want to go!

Arielle Davis deserves the spotlight! She’s been a part of It Works for 7 years. Her commitments to this company and her business are unwavering. I’ve watched her go from college student, to wife, and now the mother of a beautiful little girl. She continues to strive toward her goals, always speaks positively, and never loses sight of her future. She shows others what is possible and she is hungry to learn more. Nothing can stop her!!! She knows it’s not a matter of if, just when. I admire her tenacity and fight. This beautiful lady will never quit until she attains the goals she has set.

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I’ve consistent completing my Steps to Success and this month of July I made a decision to give that extra push.
And it happened when I found “a new blood” on my team!! Thaís Feijó reminds me when I was pushing for Ruby!!!

She has a Red personality like me and I am very proud of her efforts to be Ruby this month of August. She is going after her Diamond Bonus 💎and I’m so happy to be part of her journey!!

My tip is: Be consistent and value our amazing products. If you want “results X”, you pay for “X”.

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

Samantha Helton is currently a College student . She’s had such a hard hard time trying to find a job, She has health issues that limit her to what She can and can’t do. She didn’t know what She was going to do, her husband makes money but She wanted something for herself . She wants her children to have the best life and experience what She never did as a child. So she decided to join my team ! Samantha is so driven and I know she is going to do great things ! She’s always so consistent and on top of her game! How I enrolled so many people on my team this past month is by always staying consistent and showing them what an amazing opportunity this going to give me and my family.

July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

See who promoted in July

Daniel Corral Emerald
Katie Graham Executive
Lauren Taylor Executive
Kristine Wright Executive
Dillon Watts Executive
Phyllip Rock Executive
Erica Meade Executive
Stephanie Mackintosh-Garcia Executive
Shantale Jaimes Executive
Daaria Lewin Ruby
Kala Stocum Ruby
Shannon Madigan Ruby
Savannah Whitney Ruby
Lake Henson Ruby
Katlyn Bevington Ruby
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
July 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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