August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

My tip is something that I heard the other day that was seriously an AH-HA moment for me! Instead of just visualizing yourself at the next rank that you’re trying to get to, visualize yourself doing the daily tasks that you have put off but need to do so you can get there. Maybe it’s losing weight, maybe it’s signing more distributors and you have your eyes set on a certain number, or even a certain amount on your check. Stop focusing so much on seeing the goal, see yourself doing what you need to get there!!!!

For my #InTheSpotlight pick, I want to shout out Jaque Garton! She has done nothing but step up, show up, and give it her all. Every training that we have she is on, her social media accounts have completely transformed, and she is signing people left and right. She is the true definition of a diamond in the rough and I know she will be beyond diamond by the end of the year. This girl is amazing and doesn’t even know it yet!

August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I’d like to put Jamie Gassner #InTheSpotlight.  She is a full time care taker to her grandmother all while running her household and online business. Her persistency inspires me daily and I’m so happy I also get to call her my best friend. I know by this time next year we’ll both be VIP elite and there’s no one else I’d rather be doing it with!

Tip of the month— don’t be afraid to reach out to people! I reached out to everyone who did HAP for me and they all happened to be interested but too scared to reach out! Message daily!!!

August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

My tip would be to never focus on the “no’s” or the times you are ghosted! Even when someone says “no” or they stop talking to you about the business – you have planted the seed with them! They WILL continue to watch you! Remain consistent with your business, keep having fun and showing people what your business is doing for you + talking about your goals and where you are going! And keep building relationships! I always tell myself “something better is coming” with every no, or when someone ignores me, or when I’m ghosted! Keeping my mind open and positive as to what is to come, and who is to come to my business! Never feel like you’re the only person that has these things happen – because we ALL do!

I want to put Griselda Diaz #InTheSpotlight! Griselda just went ruby last month! She has been in the business for 2 years but never fully decided to just “Go for it!” Until a month or so ago! Since then I have seen the biggest growth in her! She shows up to learn, she loves to help others, and she is leading her team from the front. She has really made work fun and exciting lately and I cannot wait to continue watching her grow in who she is and her business! So proud of her!

August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

I would love to spotlight Chandler Jones! She is the definition of no excuses, a hard worker and willing to do whatever it takes to be successful! She jumped in full force at the end of August and signed 7lcs her first few days and is on her way to going ruby and more this month then into diamond before the end of the year to earn that $10,000 bonus! She doesn’t let no’s discourage her, she constantly inspires me and I’m proud to say we’ve become such close friends in a matter of a couple weeks! So excited for how far you’ll go with this girl and can’t wait to finally meet you in person next month!

My biggest tip would have to be ALWAYS offer the business to all potential customers and current customers! All last month whenever I was about to sign up a customer and had all their info, before signing them up I ALWAYS asked each of them if they would be interested in getting paid to use the products and most said yes and just simply asking and offering it to every Plc is so simple and easy. They will be your best distributors because they already want to use the products!

August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

Without a doubt, Shaina Beals would have to be #InTheSpotlight!  She is a hardworking, dedicated leader who never lets me down and is constantly reminding me how amazing I am! She is always calling me with tips and believing in me when I didn’t!

My tip is stop making excuses, none of us are anyone special, we just make it happen! Get the HAP out, do your follow ups and attend every zoom, event, and live you can!

August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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Jonathan Nulton Executive
Jarrett Webber Executive
Alexanda Willis Executive
Tammi Reynolds Executive
Alexis Loch Executive
Cherise Moore Executive
Brooke Little Executive
Jamie McCallum Emerald
Diana Kleist Emerald
Kristine Wright Ruby
Dawn Norris Ruby
Stacy Oakley Ruby
Griselda Diaz Ruby
Madeline Taylor Ruby
Francy Yasmid Ruiz Cardona Ruby
Michelle Sionni Ruby
Stephanie Mackintosh-Garcia Ruby
Jenna Gulla Ruby
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
August 2019 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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