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I was having some serious #momguilt after my leadership retreat, until my business coach reminded me of something.

before my retreat, I had strep. I literally thought I was dying but I got super skinny because I couldn’t eat…not funny…lol it hurt like hell.

however, it did give me time to rest – which I clearly needed.

leadership retreat was more than I could have asked for! I still have so much to post because I totally got caught up in the moment – and if you really know me, you know I do that.

start to finish, I was away 7 days without being able to focus on my kids and my husband. I mean, I even totally imploded when my husband told me we were out of my famous keto granola and wanted more for the kids.

the guilt was setting in and it sounded a lot like this in my head:
“you haven’t seen your kids in 7 days” “Miles is going to really miss you because he needs you right now” “you aren’t there to make sure their food is prepped” “when are you going to actually ‘work’ your business when you’re doing all the things for everyone else?” “you’re going to be tired after this and still won’t be able to be fully present for your family” “come on Kaye, you need to close the month strong for your family – get to work”

UM does this sound CRAZY or FAMILIAR?

should be a little bit of both. mamas, we are way too hard on ourselves. we are human. we need rest. we need help. we need support. we need to give ourself grace.

my business coach politely reminded me why I do what I do. she said something along the lines of, “Kaye, most people cannot even take 3 days off from work to rest when they are sick and most people cannot even take 7 days off to host and attend a work retreat and most people do not have the time freedom you do have and that’s exactly why you’re building your business, because you do that have and because that’s your mission – to help mamas create their own time freedom.”

WOW – did she wake me up from a funk or what?! she’s totally right.

so, here I am…fully present with my family because I can be, because I want to be and because I said yes to this business ten years ago!

if you don’t have this kind of freedom, we should definitely talk. I invite you to DM me and mention this post.

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