February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight

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February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight


This promotion means security, clarity, and it’s a real accomplishment!
Not only did I prove to myself that I am just like the top leaders, I did this. My family no longer needs to worry about the money. We can sleep at night knowing that we are getting an extra $2,000 a month! I mean I remember a time where our bank account went negative and then negative again because of the over draft fee.

To think that that’s where we were and to know this is where we are now. It’s amazing. Totally breath taking. Life changing.
Think about yourself in 1 year. How disappointed would I have been if I was in the exact situation, broke, worried, knowing that I could have changed it?! So that just wasn’t an option for me. I’m changing my family’s future with this promotion. It’s a lot more than a pay raise. It’s MORE.

February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight


Promoting to Diamond means the world to me. It means that I officially replaced my 9-5 income from my last dental assisting job. After recovering from chemo and my fiancé and I living in a camping trailer a year and a half ago, we dreaded me losing stability again with my 9-5 job if something medically happened or life got in the way.


In a matter of 5 months of joining this business I was able to give myself that same income but this income couldn’t be taken from me if I had a sick day at home. This income doesn’t get capped. And earning that $15,000 bonus single handedly replaces everything that was drained from our bank accounts during that time. It’s like I’ve made up for what happened to us in 5 months when it would have taken me years in any other job.


For the first time in years I am proud of what I do every day and feel like I found my calling. Now I get to plan for our wedding and future family fearlessly. I get to dream up any vision I want for us and have a clear path of what I need to do to get there. It blows my mind every day that the only thing separating me from anything I want with this is just time at this point. It’s only the beginning and my life and future family’s life has been changed forever.


Tip: To promote from Ruby to Diamond in one month there is no special sauce. I do the tasks, and then I do them extra times. It’s doing the extra work that makes promotions happen. Decide you are going to promote and then don’t let yourself turn your back on it. The days that are slow, make sure you send 10 more messages before bed. Wake up earlier. Whatever it takes. And I learned to find opportunity in the places people weren’t thinking. I listen for cries for help from people’s posts and I make sure I’m the first one to offer them help.


I also found a great system of charting out volume! I divide the volume I need by 118 volume (because that’s a full volume order to me), and I look at how many of those customers I would need! 38 customers sounded a lot better to me than needing 4,500 volume! It kept me in a positive mindset and it was satisfying to make 38 boxes and check them off every time I filled that box of volume!


Other than that I just told myself it was going to be a month of straight work with no days off, took a deep breath, and ran. Self development DAILY! And I made sure to take extra time with team members running with me! Lead from the front, and do it with passion. That’s my best advice! Your fire will spread!

February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight


What this promotion means to me/because of It Works: I cant believe that I made it! I started this just to bring in $200 a month so I could stay home with my son, and still make ends meet. Now I’m making a full-time income and got a $15,000 BONUS! Because of this amazing opportunity, I get to be there for my kids. On top of that, we are on our way to becoming debt free!!


Tip: My biggest tip I can give you all, is be consistent and lean on each other! Treat this like it’s any other job but you also get a huge community behind you! Even on the days I don’t feel like working, I would still go to work so I can get paid! Why would you treat this any different? Find your non-negotiables and an accountability partner get to it!

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February 2020 Newsletter: In the Spotlight
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