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How I built a million dollar business before 30

Faith over Fear

I often think about the ambitious little girl I was growing up. I was always playing house, teacher or store in my parent’s basement. I remember annoying my older brother Adam by making him go through my store line, picking out things to purchase and writing him receipts. My mom sold IBM computers when I was younger, until I was about the age of 6 and she always had extra keyboards in the basement I would type with. In my head, my store was real, so I’m not surprised I followed my passions.

I was an excellent athlete growing up. I played competitive softball ten months a year and danced competitively as well, but I knew deep down that my future wasn’t in sports. There was this tiny room at the end of the hallway in my high school for fashion marketing and I felt a deep intuitive nudge to take a turn and focus on fashion. I had always been a little edgy, thinking outside the box and I wanted to pursue my love for pretty things!


That decision to pursue fashion changed everything for me. I developed a love for something I didn’t know existed and I was determined to be part of it. I decided to pursue college and get a degree in Fashion Merchandising so I could uncover exactly what I wanted to do in the industry. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I have always lived a little bit between on the edge and safe by trying new things. So, during my junior year of college I decided to take the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy.

I believe that travel changes you and this trip changed everything for me! I spent four months abroad country hopping, drinking phenomenal wine and coming to terms with the reality that I was absolutely, definitely made for more.


You see, I have two very successful parents, both of which showed me you have to work for what you want, but it doesn’t have to be hard and it can absolutely be fun! Because of their success, they were able to pay for my college in full and all my room and board expenses. But at 21 years old, I realized that that was not going to carry be beyond college; that in order for me to have the lifestyle I wanted, I needed to create it for myself.

Looking ahead, I had one year of college before I was going to be on my own in the “real world” and that trip to Italy opened my eyes to the way I wanted to live my life. I wanted to be able to travel and explore the world; create my own financial stability and be able to have the time freedom to do the things I loved while still earning a life-changing income.


Not once did my friends in college step food in my clothing store. Those items were not their priority, but when they quickly jumped at the opportunity to try these products, become my product models and use them consistently, I was hooked! If these 19-21 year old women wanted what I had, I knew everyone would.

No matter where the economy is – up or down – vanity sells!

I hit the ground running and within my first year was earning a 5-figure a month paycheck. I graduated at 22 years old making the decision to pursue this business full time.


In 2014, I met my now husband and we have 2 boys together so far: Kennedy (4) and Miles (2).

My husband Scott is an audio engineer and works on podcast editing, sound design for film/TV and volunteers at your church. He was first signed to Sony when he was 19 and has been able to create a lifestyle for himself as an EDM artist. I love that he gets to pursue his greatest passions and bring creativity into our home!

We are deeply connected to our family and you can often find us traveling, boating, grilling out and hosting pool parties for our friends!

I am passionate about helping you create the life of your dreams. I believe you are worth more than the life you are living now and I have found the vehicle to help you do that!


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